Morgan Buerke

Morgan Buerke

Doctoral Candidate

University of Southern Mississippi

About Me

I am currently working in Daniel Capron’s Anxiety and Trauma Research Lab at the University of Southern Mississippi with the purpose of studying how thought processes (such as repetitive negative thinking, control of thoughts), cognitive biases, and sensitivities (i.e. anxiety, depression sensitivity) relate to suicidal ideation and risk for suicide.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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  • Risk Factors for suicidal ideation and behavior
  • Rumination and other thought processes
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Decision-making/ Behavioral economics
  • Use of technology to assess for suicidality
  • MA in Clinical Psychology, In Progress

    University of Southern Mississippi

  • BS in Psychology, 2017

    Kent State University

Recent Projects


Risk factors for suicidal behavior across the lifespan

We examined the relationship between age and history of suicide attempt on borderline traits, depressive rumination, aggression, memory performance, and language fluency.

Decision-making in early vs. late-onset attempters

We examined decision-making outcomes in early-onset (those with suicidal behavior early in life) vs. late-onset (those who first suicide attempt occured late in life) attempters.

Math Cognition in Children

Some of my primary work examining math cognition in children

Childhood trauma and early vs. late onset suicidal behavior

We are exploring how different forms of childhood trauma (abuse, neglect) may relate to age of onset of first suicidal behavior.

Rumination and Thought Control

We combined numerous factors that are said to be protective against depression in late life (mindfulness, social support, life engagement, etc.) to see if they would relate to presence or severity of suicidal ideation, or likelihood of past suicide attempt.

Rumination and Thought Control

My master’s thesis will examine different forms of rumination (angry, depressive, suicidal), and their relationship with thought control and suicidality.

Sensitivities and Thought Control

I am examining the relationship between anxiety, depressive, and suicidal sensitivities, as well as how they relate to thought control and suicidality.

Trajectory of Suicidal Ideation in Late life

We examined the trajectory (changes) in suicidal ideation over months to years and examined risk factors and outcomes associated with each type of trajectory.

Virtual Reality

We are looking into the considerations for using Virtual Reality scenarios to study suicidality (i.e. jumping from a height).

Other publications




Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Award
$2,800 to fund data collection on Honor’s Thesis summer research
Travel Award
$500 to present at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
Undergraduate Summer Internship Award
$2,200 to do research over the summer on a part-time basis